2016 Council Highlights

February 7 and May 1, 2016 meetings

  1. South Shore Presbytery’s report of our Triennial Visit was presented to Council for approval. The total report has been received and can be obtained from Janet Sollows or the office.
  2. It was moved that church services during January, February and March are to be held in the Chapel (except for special occasions) and the rest of the year in the Sanctuary.
  3. The free Community Suppers are growing in popularity. They will not be held during the summer months.
  4. Thank you to Jim Cook for donating a fire blanket for the Sanctuary.
  5. Thank you to Louis Babin for mold remediation and painting in the stairwell to the Narthex basement. Also, thank you to Louis for putting up a partition in the men’s bathroom (on the stage) to be used for storage.
  6. The Trustees are working to terminate the Harry Bridges Trust Fund to the best advantage for Beacon.
  7. Office hours have been established as 10 am – 2 pm Monday to Friday.
  8. Our youth (and other members of our church) have participated in an Escape the Museum event at the Yarmouth County Historical Museum and a South Shore Presbytery Youth event at Birchtown Black Loyalist Heritage Site. Cameron Grimes will be attending Intermediates at Conference this year.
  9. A Memorandum of Understanding between Beacon United Church and the Yarmouth Refugee Support Group has been approved by Council.
  10. The Faith Formation Team has previewed Curriculum for the Sunday School. Help will be required next fall to keep our Sunday School going.
  11. The Community Garden will be adding 20 plots this year. There will be a sign on the gate asking for donations.
  12. The Bragan house has been listed for sale.
  13. Following the update of the Administrative Assistant’s job description, a search committee will be established to look for a replacement when Cory Fevens leaves.
  14. It was moved that the interest from the Lincoln Lovitt bequest be given to Cory to help with his education costs.
  15. The Ministry and Personnel Committee has looked at the position description of the minister and did a performance appraisal. The position description and evaluation for the Music Director will be done in May.
  16. The Council will be looking at our agreement with Scouts Canada and making sure that we are fulfilling our part of the agreement.
  17. Council is looking for someone to represent Beacon on the Yarmouth Refugee Support Group. If you are interested, please see Rev. Sharon or Janet Sollows.
  18. Beacon will be hosting two webinar events to study what remits from the United Church of Canada’s proposed governance structure changes will entail.
  19. David Sollows, Janet Sollows, Sharon Lohnes, Cory Fevens and Steen Sollows will be attending the Annual Meeting of Maritime Conference at the end of May. Council approved to pay for their meals. Other costs are provided through the Conference and the Presbytery.

The next meeting of the Church Council will be on June 12, 2016.  Anyone is welcome to attend.

For more information about any of these items, please contact Janet Sollows, Chair of the Church Council at 742-6252 or janetsollows@gmail.com